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US ASEAN Summit in the Big Apple

The stakes are high in New York, and the fact the 2nd US ASEAN Summit is taking place is significant. It is a strong signal that the US is finding its way to more comprehensive engagement in Asia and following through on its commitments to try to build an enduring Asia strategy using ASEAN as a foundation.

Singapore's Tightrope Walk on Taiwan

Singapore’s policy toward Taiwan is an example of the tightrope that Southeast Asian countries need to walk in the new era of an increasingly powerful China asserting itself – particularly in relation to its “core interests” including Tibet, Taiwan and (the newest addition to the “core”) the South China Sea.

The Quiet Hanoian

By Ernest Z. Bower, Senior Adviser and Director, CSIS Southeast Asia Program As Graham Greene hunched over his desk perched on the wizened teak floors of Hanoi’s Metropole Hotel knitting together the silky threads of naiveté and intrigue to craft…