US ASEAN Summit in the Big Apple

The stakes are high in New York, and the fact the 2nd US ASEAN Summit is taking place is significant. It is a strong signal that the US is finding its way to more comprehensive engagement in Asia and following through on its commitments to try to build an enduring Asia strategy using ASEAN as a foundation.

Breaking News: 2nd US-ASEAN Summit

Breaking News: The 2nd US-ASEAN Summit will be held on 24 Sept in New York. An extension of the 1st US-ASEAN Summit in Singapore, 2nd summit is scheduled to last 120 minutes, from 1-3pm.* The White House has notified ASEAN…

Australia: After the Boom Years

By Philip Bowring, Op-Ed Contributor, International Herald Tribune The low quality of debate between Australia’s major political parties appears to have been one reason why neither achieved a majority in Saturday’s election. The electorate does seem to recognize, however incoherently,…

Neighborly Strife

By Greg Torode, Chief Asia Correspondent, South China Morning Post The unfolding diplomatic battle between China and the US over the region is, at this point, producing more heat than light. The running rhetorical skirmishes see mainland commentators rail against US…

Absent in Danang: Urgent Need for A US Trade Policy in Asia

The gap in US strategy for intensifying its engagement in Southeast Asia is clearly trade. While the United States is starting to connect the dots diplomatically and on security architecture, our trade professionals, some of the most hard-core, experienced Southeast Asia hands in the Administration, are essentially benched as they wait for political and policy decisions to put the US trade leadership back into the game.

Green Foreign Policy: Feeling Queasy

By Andrew Shearer, Director of Studies and Senior Research Fellow, Lowy Institute for International Policy As the horse-trading continues to see whether Labor or the Coalition can form a government, one thing about this election is clear: the Greens have emerged…

Vietnam's Defensive Diplomacy

Asia’s military landscape is shifting, and nowhere more so than in maritime Southeast Asia. This week saw another major development: the inaugural U.S.-Vietnam defense policy dialogue in Hanoi.

Tuesday’s meeting builds on triennial exchanges of defense ministers begun in 2000 and marks a definite turning point in bilateral relations. Since 2008, the two countries have conducted an annual Political, Security and Defense Dialogue under the auspices of the U.S. State Department and Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now they have developed a high-level channel for direct military-to-military discussions under their respective defense department.