Video: CSIS Conference on the South China Sea

UPDATE: This event has now concluded. You may watch a recording of this event, featuring introductory remarks by Ambassador John Negroponte in the video below.

Watch below as a high level group of experts and senior policy makers present at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) conference on Maritime Security in the South China Sea.

The conference is being organized ahead of the ASEAN Regional Forum and Post Ministerial Conference in July and the East Asia Summit (EAS) in October in Indonesia. We have recruited a world-class group of experts to kick of the dialogue around four key themes: 1) Assessment of interests and positions of parties in the South China Sea; 2) Update on recent developments in the South China Sea; 3) Assessment of the effectiveness of current maritime security frameworks and mechanisms in the South China Sea; and, 4) Policy recommendations to enhance security in the region

The conference will be on the record. CSIS intends to publish select papers from the panelists and a summary of the findings from the discussion. You can view the conference agenda here (PDF).


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