Energy and Geopolitics, Episode 5: Myanmar

Myanmar is Southeast Asia’s newest democracy and has intrigued foreign investors as it develops and electrifies. Join Murray Hiebert, senior adviser and deputy director for the CSIS Southeast Asia Program, and Rachel Posner Ross, director of Partnerships for Energy Policy and Investment at Allotrope Partners and adjunct fellow for the CSIS Energy & National Security Program, as they evaluate the investment climate and energy landscape of Myanmar. Jane Nakano, senior fellow of the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, moderates the discussion of Myanmar’s political stability, the country’s readiness for foreign investment, regional energy security, the electrification progress, and opportunities for U.S.-Myanmar cooperation in the energy sector.

To learn more about U.S.-Myanmar relations, we recommend reading Murray Hiebert’s 2016 report, “Myanmar’s New Dawn.” Check out Rachel Posner Ross’s “Myanmar’s Path to Electrification” for more information about the country’s electric power sector.

Murray Hiebert

Murray Hiebert

Murray Hiebert serves as senior associate of the Southeast Asia Program at CSIS.


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