Michael J. Green is senior vice president for Asia and Japan Chair at CSIS. He is also an associate professor of international relations and director of Asian studies at Georgetown University. Full Bio.




Victor Cha is senior adviser and Korea Chair at CSIS.  He is also a professor of government and Asian studies at Georgetown University. Follow Victor on twitter @VictorDCha. Full Bio.




Jude Blanchette holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS. Follow Jude on twitter @JudeBlanchette. Full Bio.




Bonnie Glaser serves as senior adviser for Asia and director of the China Power Project at CSIS. Follow Bonnie on twitter @BonnieGlaser. Full Bio.




Matthew Goodman is senior vice president, senior adviser for Asian economics and holds the Simon Chair in Political Economy at CSIS, with particular emphasis on Northeast Asia. Follow Matt on twitter @MPGoodman88. Full Bio.




5rossowRichard Rossow is senior fellow and holds the Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies at CSIS. Follow Richard on twitter @RichardRossow. Full Bio.




Amy Searight is senior adviser and director of the Southeast Asia Program at CSIS. Follow Amy on twitter @AmySearight. Full Bio.




Szechenyi Nicholas Szechenyi is deputy director and a senior fellow with the Japan Chair at CSIS. Full Bio.





Scott Kennedy is senior adviser and Trustee Chair,Chinese Business and Economics at CSIS. Follow Scott on twitter @KennedyCSIS. Full Bio.





Sue Mi Terry is senior fellow with the Korea Chair at CSIS. Follow Sue on twitter @SueMiTerry. Full Bio.





Brian Harding is deputy director and fellow with the Southeast Asia Program at CSIS. Follow Brian on twitter @IamBrianHarding. Full Bio.





5_gpoling_thumbGregory Poling works as director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative and a fellow with the Southeast Asia Program at CSIS. Follow Greg on twitter @GregPoling. Full Bio.





Qui Mingda is a research associate with the Freeman Chair in China Studies.





5_jbean_thumbJeffrey D. Bean previously served as editor of CogitASIA. Follow him on twitter @BeanJD.





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