CogitAsia Podcast: Conflict & Governance in Southeast Asia

In this episode we discuss power and conflict in Southeast Asia with Michael Vatikiotis. While inter-state conflict has been minimal in recent years, countries around Southeast Asia face challenges in the form of unresolved insurgencies, simmering ethnic conflicts, and illiberal or ineffective governance.

To help us analyze these trends, we are joined by Michael Vatikiotis, Asia Regional Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and a leading authority on governance and conflict resolution in Southeast Asia. Michael is also the author of a new book titled Blood and Silk, in which he analyzes power and conflict in modern Southeast Asia based on his personal experience as a conflict mediator and journalist.

We discuss the renewed unrest in the southern Philippines, the challenge of religious conflict in Southeast Asia, authoritarianism in the region, and whether Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy can resolve the various low intensity armed conflicts affecting Myanmar.

Hosted by Will Colson. Audio edited by Bryce Thompson. Written and produced by Jeffrey Bean.
Learn more about Michael’s book Blood and Silk here. Find it on Amazon here. Follow Michael on twitter @jagowriter.


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