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Matthew P. Goodman holds the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy at CSIS, with particular emphasis on Northeast Asia.

Video: Views across the Pacific: Matt Goodman & Mike Callaghan discuss the Global Economy & G-20

CSIS, in partnership with leading Australian think tank, the Lowy Institute for International Policy, has released the third session in the new video series “Views Across the Pacific” which is a discussion between CSIS Simon Chair in Political Economy, Matthew Goodman and Lowy Institute Director of the G20 Studies Centre Mike Callaghan on the global economy and the future of the G-20.


Growth and the G-2

By Matt Goodman & David Parker Beijing and Washington may disavow the term, but “G-2” is an increasingly apt description of the world’s most important economic relationship.  The United States and China are now the world’s two largest economies and…

APEC: Getting Stuff Done

By Matt Goodman Speaking to a hall full of CEOs at last year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Honolulu, President Barack Obama got his biggest applause line when he announced that he had just signed a law approving the…