Analyzing China’s 13th Five-Year Plan

The CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies released a new study assessing China’s 13th Five-Year Plan. The report Perfecting China, Inc. by Scott Kennedy and Christopher Johnson was rolled out on May 23, during a public event at CSIS.

The report is complemented by a CSIS website that provides insight into the finer details of the Freeman Chair’s research including interactive data visualizations, deeper analysis of the Chinese leadership’s targets, historical timelines, and short video interviews for added context and information on the plan and its formulation. Those who want to learn more should visit the site:

Watch the full public event here:

Read the full report here.

In addition, Scott Kennedy and Chris Johnson conducted a Q&A about China’s 13th Five-Year Plan with the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report blog here.

And roll out event keynote speak Robert Zoellick penned an op-ed The conflicting currents of Beijing’s five-year plan in the Financial Times here.

To learn more about the Chinese leadership’s focus on healthcare in the 13th Five-Year Plan see the piece by Damjan DeNoble of Rubicon Strategy Group on Health Intel Asia here.

South China Morning Post writer Zhou Xin analyzed Kennedy and Johnson’s findings here.

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