CogitAsia Podcast: Open Secrets in Vietnam & the Sony Hack

The CSIS Asia Program is launching a new weekly CogitAsia podcast that will review and analyze developments and trends in the Indo Pacific.

On the podcast this week we are joined by Dr. Jonathan London, professor at the City University of Hong Kong, to discuss how the shroud of secrecy surrounding the politics of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s upcoming transition is dissipating because of the internet and other trends in Vietnamese society. Next, we feature an excerpt from a recent Schieffer series event on the Sony Hack and cybersecurity. You’ll hear from CSIS’s James Lewis, New York Times reporter David Sanger, and CEO Shawn Henry of the cybersecurity company Crowdstrike, as they discuss North Korea’s involvement and U.S. cyber capabilities, and then debate potential U.S. responses to cyber espionage from key countries across Eurasia. We also review major news stories from the past week around the region, highlight our Leaderboard profile of the week, as well as our One to Watch news story. Listen here:

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