CogitAsia Podcast: China’s Five-Year Plan

In this episode, we assess China’s latest Five-Year Plan. For China no document has reflected the legacy of its Soviet-style economic planning and Marxist-Leninist system than the release every five years of a new, comprehensive blueprint for social, economic, and political priorities. In late March, President Xi Jinping and the Chinese leadership released China’s 13th Five-Year Plan. This five year plan has key implications for the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to simultaneously move China toward a more market-driven economy — while ensuring the party’s continued legitimacy by improving the quality of life for the Chinese people.

Dr. Scott Kennedy of the CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies sat down with CSIS CogitAsia editor Jeffrey Bean to breakdown the elements of the 13th Five-Year Plan plan and discuss findings from a recent CSIS study “Perfecting China, Incorporated.” Hosted by Will Colson. Audio edited by Ella Weiner. Written and produced by Jeffrey Bean.

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